The Boys Season 2 Theories: Who Is Popping People’s Heads?

The Boys Season 2 Theories: Who Is Popping People’s Heads?

The latest episode of The Boys Season 2 was a bloodbath. Who’s responsible?

The boys S02XE07 —- Congress hearing head exploding scene

CIA Head Explosion Scene | The Boys Season 2 [HD]

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The BOYS 2×07 BREAKDOWN: Every Easter Egg + Who’s Behind the Exploding Heads?

The Boys Episode 7: “Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker” is–as always–loaded with Easter Eggs and References to the comics and other media. But this episode is also loaded with several themes that explore fatherhood, cycles of violence, and toxic masculinity in fandom. It’s some pretty heavy stuff. Also, people’s heads explode. The Boys!

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THE BOYS Season 2 Episode 7 Breakdown, Wild Theories, and Details You Missed!

In this video we take a deep dive, breakdown, recap, review, and explain episode 7 of Amazon’s THE BOYS Season 2! We’ll discuss that head popping scene, Stormfront, Black Noir and Lamplighter!


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